Sun Kissed Layout by Lisa-Marie Watling

Sun kissed Layout

-Lisa-Marie Watling-


What you will need:

Fabscraps C93 001 Beach Hut

Fabscraps C93 002 Flip Flops

Fabscraps C93 003 Beach Life

Fabscraps C93 004 Seashells

Fabscraps C93 005 Beach Wear

Fabscraps DC93 005 Chippie – Summer Loving

Fabscraps DC93 008 Chippie

Fabscraps DS066 Stencil

Cardstock – blue & sandy beige

Mist – Beige & Dark teal

Chalk – charcoal

Glitter glue – brown and blue


Foam tape

Glossy accents


  1. Fabscraps C93 004 is going to be your base page; blue waves up. Cut off the barcoded section and set aside
  1. Remove the barcode from C93 003 Beach Life (sandcastles up). Using a wavy cutter, cut a 2 ¼ strip from the top and the bottom.  Distress just the wavy section
  1. Use the same wavy cutter to cut two strips from some sandy beige cardstock and then mat it to your two above wavy strips – allow about 1/8th of an inch to stick out just at the top
  1. Adhere these strips to the upper and lower part of your base page – C93 004
  1. Use your Fabscraps DS066 stencil with some charcoal chalk to create a background – as shown in the images
  1. Give your title chippie DS 005 Summer Loving a heavy coat of the teal mist, coat with glossy accents and set aside
  1. Give the sandcastle from your Fabscraps DC93 008 chippie set a heavy coat of beige mist. Once dry, cut it in half and apply some glitter glue to accent it (see images).  Set aside
  1. Cut an 11 x 2.5 inch strip from C93 005 (strips up). Distress the edges and then centre and adhere it (with Tombow) to your base page
  1. Cut an 8 ¼ x 3 ¼ strip from C93 004 (shells up). Distress the edges and then centre it to the above strip.  Adhere with Tombow
  1. Cut a 6.5 x 3 ¾ inch strip from C93 001 (starfish up). Distress the edges and then centre it to the above strips.  Adhere with tombow
  1. Cut a 5 x 4.5 inch piece from C92 002 (pattern side up). Distress the edges and then adhere it to the above strips with foam tape
  1. Matt your photograph to a piece of blue cardstock and centre it to the above strips you’ve created. Adhere it with foam tape
  1. Tuck your two cut sandcastle pieces underneath the C92 002, on either side and adhere it with Tombow (see images)
  1. Adhere your title chippie to the right of the photograph, overlapping slightly, with Tombow

SPLO - Summer Loving 01


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