Hello Summer Layout by Jeanine de Bruyn

 Hello Summer Layout

-Jeanine de Bruyn-

What you will need:

1 sheet of Seashells C93 004

1 sheet of Sandcastles C93 008

1 sheet of Beachwear C93 005

Chipboard Hello Summer DC93 005

Chipboard Seahorse and Starfish DC93 008

Stencil Summer loving Starfish DS 065

Paints, gauze, flowers, beaded vine and flat back pearls

Cardstock to mat photo


  1. Begin by cutting a piece from the middle of the Seashells paper about 16 x 16cm, being careful not to cut any of the edges of the paper. Cut 2cm off the left side and 2cm off the bottom of the Sandcastles paper. Distress and chalk both pages. Glue the Sandcastles paper to the Seashells page. Using the stencil and some white paint, stencil starfish onto the Seashells page running from the top left of the page to the bottom right. Then do not remove the stencil go over the stencil again using a variety of blue and green paints leaving a few starfish here and there white (I used metallic paints green, turquoise and blue). Then splatter some of the paints over the entire page. While waiting for the paint to dry mat your photo with cardstock of your choice. From the inside piece, you cut from the Seashells paper cut a piece measuring 6 x 16cm then cut this into a banner shape and chalk. From the Beachwear paper (using the striped side) cut a piece 11x17cm and then tear a little off the bottom of the piece.
  1. Cut out the Hello Summer from its frame as well as the seahorse and starfish from their frame. Keep the frames, paint them brown and then cut them in half. Paint the title as well as the starfish and seahorse with a combination of the paints you used to stencil with.
  1. Glue some foam beneath your photo mat as well as behind the beachwear piece.
  1. To begin assembling your layout, glue down the beachwear piece then take the frame from the chipboard title and glue one half beneath it on the top left of the paper and the other half to the middle right of the paper. Then glue the Seashells banner piece to the middle of the beachwear piece now glue the frame from the seahorse and starfish chipboards on either side of the banner piece. Add your photo over the banner piece and then begin embellishing your layout. I added my Hello Summer title to the top right of the layout just above my photo. To the bottom right of my photo I added some gauze, flowers and the seahorse. To the bottom left of the page I added my starfish and some journaling. I added a few arrows from my stash and then some clear flat back pearls
  1. Once I was happy with my layout I covered my photo and then splashed white paint over the entire page. To finish off the layout I took a beaded vine and wrapped it into a circle and placed it over my photo.


Happy Scrapping everyone!




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