Fabscraps C94 001 Lady Rose

Fabscraps C94 008 Lady Pearl

Fabscraps DC94 003 Chippie (Natural Beauty)

Fabscraps MC94 001A Carders Pack

Fabscraps DS068 Stencil (floral)

Dark purple cardstock

Dark purple and lilac chalk

Pink and purple glitter glue


Glossy accents

Foam tape



  • The 12 x 12 inch dark purple cardstock will form your base. Cut C94 008 (floral side up) down to measure 11 ¼ x 11 ¼ inches.  Distress the edges and adhere to your cardstock.
  • Cut a pennant with the two strips you’ve cut from C94 008, distress the edges and adhere them as shown in the layout (4.5 inches from the bottom right and 6 ¼ inches from the bottom on the right of your page)
  • Select various pieces from your carders pack to create a layered effect, as can be seen on the layout. BEFORE you adhere your layered ‘pack’ to your base page, pencil out where you want it to be placed and then create a chalked background using your DS068 floral stencil
  • Adhere your pack to your base page using foam tape
  • Fussy cut a few flowers from C94 001 and arrange and adhere them around your layered pack
  • Adhere your photograph to a piece of dark purple cardstock and adhere to your pack using foam tape
  • Colour your title chippie with dark purple and then coat with Glossy Accents. Once dry, cut from its frame and adhere it below your photograph / layered ‘pack’
  • Finish off by shading your stencilled flowers (dark purple pencil) and highlighting your fussy cut flowers with glitter glue

C94 SPLO Natural Beauty 01


My Fair Lady Collection – Layout – by Nancy Nickel


You will need:

  • FabScraps My Fair Lady Collection Papers C94 003, 004
  • FabScraps Chipboard Piece DC94 004 My Dream Life
  • FabScraps Stencil DS 068 Little Blooms
  • FabScraps Sticker Sheet ST94 001 Lady Love Stickers
  • FabScraps Carder’s Kit MC94 001A
  • Chocolate Brown Cardstock 12 X 12
  • Punches: Decorative Edge, Sprig/Leaf (Martha Stewart–Swirling Lace, Branch)
  • Flowers: Dies or Punches of Choice (Spellbinders–Rose Creations)
  • Brown Ink (Walnut Stain Distress Ink), Brown Colour Spray (Kraft Glimmer Mist), Small Piece of Ribbon, Small Flat Back Pearls.


  1. Use a decorative punch all around the 12” C94 004. Using brown ink, apply the stencil design, to the top right and bottom left corners of this paper. Adhere it to the 12” brown cardstock.
  2. Cut a piece from C94 003 that measures 8” wide X 7” tall. Ink the edges with brown ink. Adhere to center of background – as in photo.
  3. Take two of the bird design papers from the Carder’s Kit. Ink the edges with brown ink, and mat each piece with brown cardstock. Then mat the photo with brown cardstock. Refer to picture for placement.
  4. Take the My Dream Life Chipboard DC94 004 and spray with brown spray. When dry, adhere to white paper from Carder’s Kit MC94 001A. Trim paper around edge of chipboard. Adhere it in place using foam tape.
  5. Take the larger oval frame sticker from the Sticker Sheet ST94 001, and adhere it to a piece of the white paper. Trim the image out of the center of the frame. Create a decorative tag (2 ½” X 4”) from the white paper. Ink the edges with brown ink. Place small photo on tag, and adhere frame in place over it. Attach a small piece of ribbon to the top of the tag. Adhere tag in place on page using foam tape.
  6. Make an assortment of matching flowers using punches or dies of your choice. I used two of the 6” white papers from the Carder’s Kit MC94 001A, as well as the remaining C94 003 piece of paper, to create 6 flowers. I used rhinestone and pearl brads in the center of my flowers. Glue flowers in place, as shown. Punch sprigs/leaves of brown cardstock, glue in place around flowers.
  7. Finally, adhere small flat back pearls to centers of stenciled flowers.


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Charms of Spring Collection – Card – by Carole Wright


  • Charms of Spring Collection C97 Card Kit MC97 001A
  • (Includes 24 6″x 6″ papers + 11 die cut embellishments)
  • Charms of Spring Chipboard Bird on Filigree DC97 006
  • Chalk inks in aqua and brown
  • Pearl card in white and aqua,
  • Flowers made with paper foam
  • Assorted stamens
  • Leaf die, doily dies, clear embossing powder, cheesecloth.


  1. Take one of the papers from the card kit, I used Welcome Spring
  2. Distress the edges, adhere to a 6 x 6 inch card blank
  3. Take the same paper, cut down a little, distress edges, adhere with foam pads or foam tape
  4. Ink and emboss the Chipboard Bird on Filigree, adhere
  5. Die cut a doily and some leaves
  6. Make some flowers with stamens
  7. Adhere the large doily in the top right corner
  8. Ink edges of the YOU’RE AMAZING sentiment embellishment
  9. Attach foam pads, lay down some cheesecloth and add sentiment
  10. Adhere two mini die cut doilies on two sides under the top layer
  11. Add your flowers and stamens
  12. Adhere two die cut leafy branches

All done.


CHARMS OF SPRING COLLECTION – Paper Bag – by Carole Wright





  1. Take a sheet of Charming Days C97 002 paper
  2. Cut down to fit paper bag leaving a small border
  3. Tear off the top, ink edges, adhere, leaving a small border
  4. Cut kraft card to fit, distress edges, adhere leaving small border
  5. Cut blue card to fit, distress edges, adhere leaving small border
  6. Cut pretty paper C97 001 to size, distress edges
  7. Add a small white doily
  8. Matt one of the embellishments, adhere to center
  9. Matt  YOU’RE AMAZING sentiment, ink edges, adhere with foam pads
  10. Adhere the butterfly swirl embellishment
  11. Add assorted flowers and stamens.
  12. All done.


C97 Charms of Spring Collection – Desk Décor – by Vanessa Bester

Desk Décor: Inspirational Frame/ Post it Holder/Pencil Holder

For this project you will need:

Fabscraps Charms of Spring Carders Pack: MC97001A

Fabscraps Charms of Spring Collection paper range: C97003/005/006

Fabscraps Chipboard Pieces: DC97005/008

Fabscraps Stickers ST97001/002

1 sheet of Lagoon Blue Cardstock


A Post it Note size 3” square

A small glass jar or vase

Super strong glue

Cuttlebug or Electronic Cutting Machine

Ranger Silver Acrylic Paint Dabber

Ranger Perfect Pearl Mist to spray on any desired paper embellishments to add sparkle as desired

Assortment of mini paper roses-metallic silver works well in between some colour

A small scalloped Border Punch

A Tear Ruler

A Stipple Brush

General Instructions:

  1. Cut the Chipboard Pieces DC97008/008 out of their frame and use the silver dabber to colour the die-cuts. Set aside to dry.
  2. Using a stipple brush. Dab the top of the mini roses that aren’t silver with the silver acrylic paint. Set aside to dry.
  3. Cuttlebug or electronic die-cutting machine:
  4. Cut a 2” Scalloped Flower and 1 ¼” butterfly from the C97003 (lavender print side) sheet
  5. Cut a 1.5” Scalloped Circle and two 1 ¼” butterflies and a 3” Filigree Butterfly from one of the pink floral 6” X 6” sheets from the Carders Pack
  6. Cut a 2” butterfly from 1 of the darker teal blue 6” X 6” sheets from the Carders Pack

C97 Desk Decor Trio

Inspirational Standing Frame

  1. Cut 2 pieces of chipboard 6 ¼” X 7 ½”. Leave one pieces solid for the back of the frame and cut a window in the other piece so that it is a frame with a 1 ½” border all the way around for the front.
  2. Cut a mat of 8 ¼” X 9 ½” from C97005 and cover the one side of the solid back piece of the chipboard folding the paper over the edges.
  3. Cut a mat of 8 ¼’ X 9 ½” from C97006 and cover the chipboard frame.
  4. Tear and distress the piece of C97005 that remains, adding a torn distressed border from one of the pink floral 6” X 6” sheets from the Carders Pack and then a flat sheet of the darker teal 6” X 6” sheet also from the Carders pack and layer and use to close the back of the frame as per pic.
  5. Adhere the frame and the covered solid chipboard together so that the pretty paper sides are revealed on the front and back.
  6. Make a flapped stand out of cardboard by tracing a flap off an old picture frame and cover or paint and adhere to the back of the frame with superglue.
  7. Finish the frame by adding the silver coloured chipboard, stickers and embellishments as per pic or as you desire.

C97 Desk Decor Inspirational Frame

Post-it Note Holder

  1. Cut a piece of Lagoon Blue Cardstock 3 ¼” X 8 1/8” and score along the long side at 3 7/8” and 4 ¼” and 6 2/8”.
  2. Cut 2 pieces of pieces of Lagoon Blue Cardstock 3 ¼” X 4 2/8” and border punch one short side on each piece.
  3. Fold cover as per pic on the left and adhere one of the border punched mats on the inside and the other on the front folded section of the cover as you would in an easel card.  See pic on right. You will notice that the punched border edge overlaps the edge of the holder,  that is correct.


  1. Cover the inside with patterned paper of choice and adhere post-it note toward the front of the inside cover.
  2. Cover the outside with patterned paper of choice and add Die-cut from Carders Kit. Add Stickers and embellishments as per pic or as you desire.

C97 Desk Decor Post it Note Holder


Pen Holder

  1. Using the same border punch as the post-it note, border punch along the 12” edge on the floral side of C97003.
  2. Cut the height of the border punched strip to match your glass vessel and border punch the parallel 12” side of your paper. Adhere around the glass vessel and decorate with stickers as per pic or as you desire.

C97 Desk Decor Post it Note Holder and Pencil Holder



For this Project You Will Need:


  • FabScraps Charms of Spring Collection Paper: C97 006, 008, 005, 004 and MC97 001A Card Kit
  • FabScraps Stencil: C94 DS067
  • FabScraps Chipboard Pieces: DC97 005 and DC 94 008
  • FabScraps Stickers: ST97 001 & ST94 002
  • Black, White and Grey Cardstock
  • Tab and Butterfly Punches
  • Gesso
  • Tim Holtz Distress Ink: Bundled Sage and Evergreen Bough
  • Tim Holtz Tattered Flower Die with Vagabond
  • Spray Mist: Misty Maroon
  • Embellishments: Pearls, Bling, Angle Hair, Flowers, Script Stamp, Watch Image and Flowers




Distress all the paper pieces and embellishments with Gesso

Distress with Ink:  Bundled Sage for shadows and darker on edges with Evergreen Bough

Glue Pieces paper C97 004 in left Corner and Bottom Right

Glue from left to right onto 2 sheets Grey Cardstock  2 sheets Cardstock a piece 22×30 C97 006, 10×30 C97 008 in the middle and on far right 13×30 C97 005

Dampen C97 006 and C97 005 lightly with water and fold paper in top left and right corners and also the bottom right corner as on picture and embellish with Flowers and Angle Hair

Stamp with randomly with Stencil




Photo and Layering

Matt 3 same size photos as per picture onto black Cardstock

Mark the placement of photos and create a shadow around photo spaces

Attach one photo on left 12×12 and the other two on right 12×12 Grey Cardstock


Title and Embellishments

Apply Gesso Paste to title piece DC97 005

Attach title next to the left photo

Do the same with the two corner pieces above photos and attach as on picture

Embellish 3 little butterflies and attach onto folds, one onto each fold

Matt the “One fine Day” and Camera Stickers onto white cardstock

Use Distress Inks for chipboard flowers and attach them above camera sticker

Punch 2 Tabs and attach on per picture

Embellish with flowers, seed beads, bling, chipboard pieces, and angle hair

With small paintbrush, create a few splatters onto background with Misty Maroon spray Mist.

All done!


CHARMS OF SPRING COLLECTION – Double Page Layout – by Tersia Roux –


For This Project You Will Need:


  • FabScraps Die-Cut Embellishments  MC97 001A
  • FabScraps Chipboard Piece  DC97 003
  • FabScraps Sticker Sheet ST97 001
  • FabScraps Stencils DS 073 & DS 074
  • Gesso Paste
  • 3D Clear Gloss
  • Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabber – Shell Pink & Juniper
  • Ranger Perfect Pearls Mist – Turquoise
  • Adirondack Color Wash – Stream
  • Pigment Ink – Jet Black
  • Mesh, Embellishments, Seed Beads, Clock Stamp, Baby Wipe, Alphabet Stickers, Glue



  1. Prepare Journal Page with a thick layer of Gesso Paste and leave to dry
  2. Apply Juniper and Shell Pink Acrylic Paint randomly and leave to dry
  3. Apply Stencils  DS 073 & DS 074 with Ink onto left Corner and right bottom of page
  4. Leave to dry
  5. Adhere mesh with glue and Gesso
  6. Mist with Turquoise and Stream Spray Mists and leave to dry
  7. Apply 3D Clear Gloss to raindrops and leave to dry completely
  8. Adhere Chipboard Title and Pieces DC97 003, Stickers from Sticker Sheet ST97001 and Embellishments with the glossy accents
  1. Dab with Baby Wipe until you are happy with result
  2. Ink the Edges of page with Jet Black Ink
  3. All Done!